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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm CET

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this is v.w. news live from. sirius for truckers and war just got more chaotic those alliances shift kurdish militia in syria are teaming up with president assad's forces to push turkey out of the border enclave that it invaded last month. also coming up after the florida school massacre students stage
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a dyin outside the white house to demand more gun control at the same time the man accused of murdering seventeen students last week appeared in court and german chancellor angela merkel tells her party that she would like this woman to be elected secretary-general will it be her take it to the chancellorship. plus lothian bankers under investigation the governor of the baltic nations central bank faces allegations of bribery while the u.s. is accusing latvia lender of money laundering. and they call him the flying mustache norway's new social media sensation steals the show at the winter olympics and source to glory in south korea.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us human rights monitors say that the syrian government has stepped up its bombardment of a rebel held area close to the syrian capital damascus killing scores of people the syrian observatory for human rights says that the government air raids on eastern good ta have killed seventy one people over the past twenty four hours and injured three hundred and twenty five the suburb has been under siege by regime forces for more than four years the united nations has warned of a humanitarian crisis in the area which is home to four hundred thousand people. and elsewhere in the syrian conflict the state news agency says that program forces will soon be entering the northern region of africa and to help kurdish militias repel turkish troops turkey has warned that it will confront syrian government forces if they enter after it. began a military offensive there last month aimed at displacing the kurdish y p g militia
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that control the region. an entire town in mourning this is become a familiar sight enough rain in recent weeks with residents regularly attending mass funerals for kurdish fighters killed in clashes with turkish troops. it's against this backdrop that syrian state t.v. reported on a move that could change the dynamic of the fighting the news anchor of this bulletin announcing that militias allied to the syrian government would soon arrive in a free to help could his forces push back the turkish offensive. but meanwhile in government held aleppo just south of a free syrian kurds have been demonstrating against the turkish offensive and in support of why peachey front is many of whom can be seen in the city. no i know there is a syrian army and we warn the syrian people and we are one we are all
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one and we have one will. remain during a visit to jordan the turkish foreign minister said a deal wouldn't affect his country's resolve. before to my future go to my solemn occasion if the syrian regime really does enter our freedom to cleanse kurdish militia then there's no problem however if it comes in to protect them then nothing and nobody can deter and stop the turkish army it's very clear. operation obvious branch and affray names to cleanse these areas from terrorists. terrorists that it will tell you look at turkey is keen to avoid a kurdish stronghold on its border with syria so its own forces launched a major military offensive into a frame last month in a bid to expel the kurdish fighters that control the region the offensive has further complicated an already but will during web of alliances and rivalries in
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syria. and to help explain the fallout of a possible deal between the syrian kurds and assad i have with me here in the studio middle east analyst daniel berlant he is also the editor in chief of zenith magazine and daniel thank you so much for joining us this evening thank you as we just heard we have this report basically from from syrian state television telling us you know that the syrian regime is about to assist the kurds in this fight against turkey. could this just be tactical mis information or do you think that this is actually the case. no i don't think it i think it's tactical but i don't think it's misinformation because such a move would make sense and could also be lead to a face saving solution for all the conflict parties both here. that's a bold statement so i should probably explain why i think the id and its affiliated militias in this area the kurdish militias that are considered a terrorist organization by ankara they have strong enough for them but they have
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no way to move out of they have no way to defend in the long term so on the other hand they can give the turkish army a very very difficult time and so there is both a somehow stuck in this conflict so inviting the syrian regime could also be a face saving solution for turkey and this is also how i interpret the statement of the turkish foreign minister because they would say as long as the syrian regime moves in we have achieved something politically we can tell our constituency the syrian regime has taken over the people id has been weakened and what i think the turks want to achieve is control the border zone they don't want to take over they cannot they would just want to control like a buffer zone along the turkish border in this area and so i think all three parties would be satisfied to a certain extent only of course the people id because they are the ones that are suffering so tell me if i hear i'm hearing this correctly do you think that the syrian regime is going to take over administration of a free man or will it still be in the hands of the kurds well you know there is administration in this fake up ministration administration in this part of the
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syria has meant much in the recent dia's but we have seen deals between the syrian regime and the people in other parts of syria let me remind you that since two thousand and eleven two thousand and twelve this year the regime has withdrawn from certain parts of northern syria and has given silently given the up ministration of this area over to the people id militias the airport and family which is like a very important let's say the capital of one of the continents at the turkish border is until today held by the p y d but the airport of the city is controlled by the syrian regime and it's lies in the now to damascus. so we have seen deals before and i don't think this is an unrelated six in our you but what if we have a different scenario what if we have turkey continuing to you know assault framed for example continuing with it's an offensive in order to regain this territory how close could we be to a direct war between turkey and syria we have seen clashes between syria and turkey
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syrian jets have been downed by a turkish army and we have seen a military intervention of the last year in other parts we have the area of monday which was just a contested which is between a friend and the other could his countenance it is possible but what we see in syria is clashes between two countries two armies of forces occur that would not necessarily and in full fledged war between these two countries what is what is important. to to to keep the promise of weakening the p.y.t. and of course like in all this setting of brinkmanship to prove himself a commander in chief as long as this war if this war continues and continues for him he's going to lose a lot of troops and it's going to weaken the reputation of the turkish armed forces this is why i think this would be a solution and it seems that the russians have also were to say and it seems that one has talked to putin about it and quite confirms the scenario that i just try to depict the shifting alliances are absolutely fascinating we thank you so much for
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joining us to talk a little bit about the potential fallout of it all then your gallup editor in chief of the magazine middle east expert thanks for joining me. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world around civil aviation authorities say that they cannot confirm reports that wreckage from sunday's plane crash has been found the awesome on airlines domestic flight went down in a mountainous area in the south of the country all sixty five people on board the plane are presumed dead. a new empty brags a party has been launched in britain renew is hoping to capitalize on the uncertainty over bribes it to gain popular support and to pressure the u.k. government into stopping the process the party is drawing inspiration and getting advice from france's governing and much party. the protesters in washington have staged a so-called die in to demand tougher gun controls in response to the florida high school shooting the demonstrators gathered in front of the white house and lay on
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the ground to push their message although mass shootings are commonplace in the united states the latest massacre which saw seventy people killed has prompted a particularly angry public response students and parents at the high school where the shooting occurred have led the call for gun reform. and for more let's bring in carolyn a chinmoy who is following the very latest from washington d.c. and carolyn i want to begin by talking about these student activists because they have really been imploring lawmakers to do something we have seen a series of very very passionate pleas in the past few days what has been the reaction from washington. well speaking about the president donald trump he spoke with a senator on friday would probably kind of out a billion traduced with democrat a senator or a democrat and this is bill. how state and federal governments report
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offenses that could prevent people from buying a gun but we have to remember that donald trump a ran for president as a pro-gun can mediate and tied himself. and irate to the national rifle association throughout the whole presidential campaign so this kind of questions always arise after such a tragedy sarah what is congress going to do is there going to be a legislative response or not experts say that people are not now nor really shocked anymore after such tragedies we have to remember this is the thirteenth tragedy in this year and that a major change in gun control is unlikely to get the support it needs in congress but also among american citizens people here in the united states are still defend their rights to carry and to own a gun karolina chinmoy checking the pulse of washington d.c. in the united states amid this debate about gun control in the wake of the shooting
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we thank you so much carolina. you're watching news still to come on the program germany's chancellor angela merkel has told her party that she would like this woman to be elected secretary-general next week and will it be the ticket to the chancellorship for her we will have the very latest coming right up. but in the meantime we had a star in lafayette today on the business front and funny charice following the details thank you are sorry indeed laugh yes anti-corruption agency released. on bail now he is the governor of latvia central bank and is accused of bribery there is more the government's been meeting in any emergency session and it really has a lot on its plate one of the baltic nations biggest banks is also accused of doing business with north korea and that they spied sanctions he's more. the law to be
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an anti corruption agency is starting a criminal probe against the country's central bank chief bill maher's run seven he's suspected of taking bribes calling it the rules of the game for successful banking in the country he allegedly demanded one hundred thousand euros a month in bribes from the owner of a luxury in bank morphic barca the financial institution then filed an international complaint not be as finance minister sought to offer reassurances. i can assure you that the knots in finance system is stable banks don't have the critical issues so depositors' can feel completely safe. of interest in order to protect the finance sector stability and reputation i think that rim cheviot should resign from his post while the investigation is ongoing. as a result of a second scandal the e.c.b. stopped all a.b.l. the bank payments on one of the country's biggest banks it was accused of breaching
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western sanctions on north korea. right who will win the election in italy on march fourth a lot of parties are competing and sympathies are growing for the five star movement especially people who are unemployed and frustrated that the current government the movement's embrace is anti capitalist and anti consumer i.d.'s and could make the difference whether or not the current government keeps its majority in parliament. skimpy on the northern outskirts of naples has lots of social housing from the early one nine hundred seventy s. many of the buildings here are now broken down and abandoned while many of the suburbs residents are unemployed and have had few chances in life they're frustrated by politicians and their promises and are placing their hopes in this man luigi dimaio a candidate for the five star movement they believe he can make things better. really launch employment we need investment we have to set an objective to relaunch
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plants here in the south and at the same time we need a basic income to help give those who don't have work a chance to reenter the job market let's start making it happen for. jobs and a guaranteed basic income sound good especially for the unemployed youth here. is the five star movement comes to power because it understands young people better than other parties they're more aware of technology and think about a future for us young people. ten thousand workers at the factory here have lost their jobs in the past few years now they're also looking to new politicians for help. so do my i'll go with the my oh. my oh will be the turning point because by getting the usual people we know how it'll turn out . in southern italy more and more people now identify with the five star movement and that could soon determine whether the current government keeps its majority in
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parliament or not. all right back to seroquel you know and the name that you should probably remember try and say this ten times fast funny i'm a gret callandar can you do it i try it on a but you know especially for international viewers this is a name that might not exactly roll off the tongue especially for non german speakers but you might be hearing a lot more of it in the future that's because chancellor angela merkel has told her conservative c.d.u. party that she would like crop callandar to become its general secretary that means that she would be in charge of the party's day to day operations and it places her in pole position to take over as chancellor if merkel steps down it's by all means a colorful choice and a good come come from boeing will take the position as general secretary of the cd hugh although she already has helped more important posts within the party but conservative leader wanted to policy manager whom she can trust one hundred percent
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unemployed come combo has been close to america for many years can once again when we have known each other for many years now and i can say that we can rely on each other even if we both have our own opinions so i think we'll have some exciting times ahead of us on. the media has given come combo the nickname mini america a.k.k. as she is known in the c.d.u. party is much more than just a meanie. unincluded com combo has been state premie of the region since two thousand and eleven. victory at the state elections last year was key to merkel's win in the nationwide elections just a few months later now she gives up the strong position to help marco to set up a reform agenda within the. even this new i'm firmly convinced that germany needs some will continue to need strong political parties not political movements
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dominated by single persons. under great come come by was considered to be down to earth a matter of fact approach to politics is very popular her nomination as general secretary can also be seen as a way of reaching out to america's critics of those she's loyal to the party leader come combo has never been too shy to voice opinion in the past and for more let's go over to over to our political correspondent all of our salat who is standing by with the latest from berlin so all of our how have chancellor angela merkel's party members reacted to this decision. well it's certainly appreciated that she apparently is taking care for her for her legacy she's received lots of criticism from within her party for the open door policy and the refugee crisis of two thousand and fifteen and sixteen in the subsequent we killin results as well for a general shift to the left of the party that not everybody is happy with so the
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overall question here was always we witnessing her last term until america's last term as german chancellor and will she then present her own successor at some point nonnegative come carbon ball is not automatically her successor as the new secretary general but this is a very influential position and we have to take into consideration that i'm going to machall her self help this position before she became party head and later german chancellor absolutely not automatic because nothing is automatic in a democracy is that all of our on let's look though in the meantime at the other part of the plant grand coalition do the social democrats have their house in order well the s.p.d. party is struggling a big deal since the election itself they suffered the weakest election results or the worst election result in modern german history and now the big question is how to move forward it was very complicated for the party to agree on
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a new grand coalition deal with the c.d.u. party and they had to promise their party base that they would be able to vote on this agreement this is going to happen very soon from now but there is this group of young social democrats the so-called usals who are fighting desperately against this to happen against the s.p.d. party being part off another government they believe that they can only gain strength in the opposition so it'll be interesting to see what the outcome will be of this vote. oliver what do all of the german public make of all this i understand we have some new polls that have been released today that's right in these new polls see the far right party coming out second strongest after the c.d.u. party even before the social democrats that is something unheard of that has never happened before in germany we have to be careful with these numbers though they might be
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a bit biased as the institute that published them is run by somebody who had to leave the c.d.u. party because his positions were so far on the right and but the general move can be ignored or the general trend continues which is the rise of the right wing in germany an alarming trend indeed oliver salat reporting on the very latest from our land thank you. sports news now and publish foley elliott is here with the big stories from the winter olympics and chang and we have to talk i mean dates hand really dominated by this story of doping that's why we have to start with the negative news will say and this is the man who's at the center of all this doping story that's alexander crucial from the russian team and i need tested positive for a banned substance which is mold only in which people may recall was also the substance of the tennis player maria sharapova was banned for using because it was
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banned in twenty sixteen this is actually a drug which is available over the counter in russia and several eastern european countries it's used and taken normally for heart conditions and they're waiting for the second test to take place but would certainly be a very embarrassing situation for russian athletes and then also for the i.o.c. . meantime we had a perhaps surprising result in the bobsled that you're absolutely right this is not a positive use will say so what there's that wonderful bob say that we can see there on the german team because there was a dead heat between germany and canada germany francesco friedrich and you can see these wonderful images here and tossed in my guess they managed to get the exact same time as the canadian team and this is incredible considering there was there were four runs so two goals and no silver obviously broke bronze so you know it's always nice when you see these kind of things happen everyone is happy exactly everyone is happy they have to stock up on
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a couple more gold medals that exactly exactly we'll talk about the ski jumping as well yeah we're not just going to talk about the ski jumping we're going to talk about the fact that the man at the center of this robert johansson has an absolutely fantastic most for anyone who isn't beard or a mustache is the there it is look at that they're absolutely fantastic now whether had anything to do with this marvelous jump. he was of course the last jumper in the ski jumping men's team event becomes not because of his jumps but because of the wonderful most of the hipsters of the world are should know that i'm a british are next week who knows fully early as the latest on the olympics thanks so much there. now we are heading to the berlin international film festival where scott roxborough and charlotte pale are standing by the two individuals who get paid all of this week to watch movies i'm not bitter guys i just want to know how you've been
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enjoying has one of your favorite. struggling. my favorite so far i think has to be actually opening film wes anderson's isle of dogs which is the perfect way to get the festival started it's a beautiful movie like finally i'll be working as wes anderson's films always are and really i don't know deeply human humanist film i think anyone except cat lovers maybe i got to love this movie. and it really is for me to talk film so far at the ballot yeah i was really excited i had the. thing that's special and he delivers exactly what you hate he would if i was picking second film the way i would because more and more downbeat film can we say something something less entertaining to still very powerful and that the italian film feehan mia and that's really complex and quite rules story details and to within battling with motherhood it looks agenda three strong female characters will say
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a female director as well and this really could be in the one of her stag need to do this we could you know when you know i think that's right i think i'll dogs might be a little bit too entertaining and i think likes to make political statements with the films they've picked for the top and i think definitely has a good chance though i have to say both those films as one of the film we agree on which is transit it's a german film here my favorite directors petzold very interesting movie it's sort of a reimagining of the story of nazi occupied france but set in the present day very sort of story very compelling and it stars for me one of the best the most interesting young german actors yes that's france for custody and he is everywhere at the ballot not of this year he is into competition films this film won this year to premiere later this week. he's also tonight on the red carpet once again that's because he's one of the ballet not is. that means that the ben and i decided that
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he is one to watch in european film i think we have a quick synopsis. from the plays offbeat characters hard on the outside but with hidden depths he looks a bit odd but he plays oddballs. you know took. dozens of knowledge. when. he says. he is a trained dancer and his physicality stands out as much as his lips or his asymmetrical face the result of being born with a cleft palate. the stars in two films in competition at this year's barely knowledge. transit and in the aisles. films.
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he's also a european shooting star one of a select band of actors being promoted as the stars of tomorrow he's an actor who loves extremes and prefers to take risks. charlotte tells impel and scott roxboro with the latest from the berlin olive thank you so much to both of you. up to date now on g.w. news i'm sarah kelly in for lent thanks for watching i hope to see you again soon.
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poverty has many faces. the gap between the poorest and the wealthiest keeps growing. countries think inequality is dividing the world and the rich society focus on. sixty minutes on t.w. . on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history started on talent what so cool and if you question the trinity
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and freedom this makes it special difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising german who are now making names for themselves all over the world. some live among the way some might follow some will continue. their experience of freedom and sense is like the unions of the day you can visit with your car come back home. my name is richard florida and i work at the number of. troops and while. i'm going. to. be adventure of. the trip by airplane seventeen thousand clunkers in six weeks let's take a last. frontier to experience. the touch. of
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engine. through china starting february twenty seventh to go. a new alliance is born in syria and the web of war gets all the more complicated reports say that president assad's forces are teaming up with kurdish militia to push turkey out of the border enclave in offor in that hat that it invaded last month the former head of the kurdish party governing the region joins me in an exclusive interview i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day.

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